Each technology use different procedures to purify the water and need of such technology depend on the impurities found in local water.. Calculate per day water need especially if you are purchasing water dispenser for your office. Doctors and scientist recommend quality check of spring water before making a final consumption.5 times water filtration capacity as compared to your daily water need. A water filtration system comes inbuilt with many water dispenser readily available in the market itself. Choose the right type of water filter Water filtration systems use different kinds of technologies to purify the water like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra violet (UV) and electronic purification. Water storage capacity Water dispensers normally have water storage capacity too means that filtered water can Operating Room Stainless Steel Products be stored in the water dispensers for cooling purpose. Filter capacity of the water filtration system Filters of water filtration systems need to be replaced after a fixed amount of time or after a certain amount of filtrating water.
Spring water is considered to be the best quality potable water but at some places spring water have impurities like copper and zinc giving it a red like color. Capacity of water dispenser Water dispensers have a certain fixed capacity means a water filter cant purify water over its capacity in a day. Type of water dispensers Choose fixed water supply water dispenser if your office has a twenty four hours direct water supply point and if not so opt for a bottled water filtration system. Install a water dispenser having at least 1. Water dispensers can be used as an interior decorative material rather then just a device to serve filtered water only. While thinking to purchase any water filtration system consider following points in advance to avoid any future issue Check your local water supply water for impurities Different geographic locations may have different impurities dissolved in water and all the water filtration systems dont provide same process of filtration only after deciding the impurities dissolved in the water a right choice of water filtration system can be made.
For examples water may have the impurities of bicarbonates of sodium and potassium, Zinc and sand. Ask your water filtration system provider about the capacity of filters and the time frame when the filter needs to be replaced as old filters may stop filtration process and water from water dispenser may be having some impurities. Many offices use water dispensers to serve potable water to their employees. Apart from this water filtration system come in variety of colors and designs choose the best to fit in your office. At places spring water is not potable because when water flows over the earth from spring water resources many impurities get dissolve in it.
 Normally in an office there are fixed time when the need for water is on peak for instance lunch time, water storage capacity plays an important role in serving water in such peak times. Normally water dispensers have capacity in liters per hour unit. Bottled water system is also useful when you wish to install water filtration system in to different places in the office like near to working area and near to office reception where direct water supply point is not available. A safer and easy method for water purification is use of water filtration systems.